Hello world!

I’ve decided to start blogging in English, while continuing to blog in Spanish here.

Even though the posts will be under a different subdomain than my Spanish posts, I will be blogging about Software and Technology here too.

By blogging in English, I will be able to reach a broader audience, and, hopefully, help more people.



1 thought on “Hello world!

  1. Robert Stewart

    I cannot get your Bitly application to work properly on any of my desktop or laptop PC-s. All of them are running Microsoft Windows Version 10.0.17134.165. I am not sure where to send this information so I am sending it here. Based on what I can see in your “screenshot” examples, I believe that some of the graphics or links are not rendering properly. Instead, there are small boxes with an “x” inside, sort of like this: [x]. I have tried removal and re-installation but this does not alter the consequence. Please feel free to send an email and I will gladly send you a screenshot of the ineffective application. Sincerely, Robert Stewart, Baton Rouge, LA USA. rstewartbr@gmail.com



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