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Improving performance with Azure Search and Redis cache


This post will show you how we improved the performance of the car classified listing at Autocosmos.com, working with Miguel Ángel Saez and Matías Quaranta. The objective is to show the solution from an architectural point of view, so it may help others with a similar problem.

Autocosmos.com is an auto shopping and information website that serves Hispanic America, and runs entirely on Microsoft Azure. You can learn about the migration from on-premises to the cloud at this Microsoft Customer Story.


As most traditional software solutions, Autocosmos uses a relational database to store most of its data. As it is hosted in Azure, the RDBMS in use is the Azure SQL Database service.

The classified car listing, one of the fundamental parts of the site, consists of a list of filters, with the amount of results in each filter, and a paged results list, that looks like the image below:

Site layout

Site layout: filters on the left (red) and the paged results on the right (blue).

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